Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 267; Be Careful What You Laugh At

Be Careful What You Laugh At

Okay, so I’m writing at an airport gate because I got up too late to write at home.
I had full warning and should have expected that it would happen. I’ll explain. Yesterday, a friend called and shared what I thought was a hilarious story.
He had to go to a big annual conference where he is always the big cheese. He overslept the night before and had not packed. So quickly, he, threw some things in a bag, rushed to the airport and barely made his flight. A later flight was not an option as he had to head up an important meeting.
Once there, he discovered that he hadn’t packed the clothes he would need for the conference.
I asked if he went out to buy new things and he said no, that he simply went to fewer events. Whenever someone asked if he was coming to a dinner or party he told them that he had work to do.
I laughed and laughed because my friend is also one of the best dressed guys I know. He’s also one of the most rational. Although he has the money to buy more clothes, he refused to do so.
“I have too many clothes,” he said. “I go to this conference every year and I didn’t have to make an appearance at every event. So I just went to my room and washed out my things for the next day.”
I laughed as he told me about the one very nice but very recognizable suit and I laughed about how he purchased a Martin Luther King/Obama t-shirt for his casual wear.
I laughed so hard that I fell asleep laughing and then I overslept. I had only one hour to shower, dress and yes, pack for an early morning flight.
I laughed at myself as I threw things in a bag, much like my friend must have done. Fortunately, I don’t have multiple appearances and will only be traveling for day. My liquids and gels are always on stand-by and I lay-out my clothes the night before.
But here’s the lesson for today; when you know better you have to do better. Reaping what you sew is always quicker when you know and have an understanding of what you are doing. I made fun of my friend, laughing at his mistake and his I Have A Dream t-shirt.
Silently, I had wondered how someone so smart could have done something so dumb. I was kind enough to not say this; still I thought it more than once.
This morning my thought came back to me when I found myself in the same situation. Fortunately I had read a treatise on guilt and forgiveness the day before so I applied the principles immediately. I recalled my laughter and my thoughts and I asked for forgiveness. I forgave myself and knew that my friend would too. I imagined the peace that surpasses understanding and as I did, I felt that I was missing something important.
I stood in my doorway and tried to imagine what I had forgotten and it came right to me.
My wallet was in another bag and I would have been traveling without it. I smiled and said a word of thanks, grabbed my wallet and came to where I am sitting now.

Be careful what you laugh at, because we all reap what we sew.
Be you, be well, be forgiven.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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