Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 246; Taking Your Power Back

Taking my own picture
and making my own self happy in my own backyard

Taking Your Power Back

Today, I’d like you to take a hard look at yourself and your ability to make your own self happy.
That’s right, I wrote it. We are responsible for our own happiness. No one else can do it for you.
I’m going to keep this simple because there is a fishing pole with my name on it and a crab basket waiting to be thrown. (Yes, I’m a vegetarian who loves to fish.)
Over time, life, relationships, kids and just stuff, we sometimes give our true self over to the things that have happened to us, but we are here to have an influence on things and the time and space we occupy.
I’d like you to ask yourself these questions:

·         When did you stop being you?

·         When is the last time you felt the most like yourself?

·         Who or what has come between you and the power you have to be happy?

·         What is the only common denominator?

I’ll give you a hint to that last question; it’s YOU.
I have seen people who appear to have low self-esteem; however in some areas they are strong and willful. In the past, I would have argued that this is still low esteem. As I get older, I am coming to view this rather differently.
There are those who do not want to be responsible for their own happiness. They look to friends and family, relationships and even their children. They may seek pleasure in activities and other distractions but when things don’t work out as they’d like, they feel as if someone has let them down yet again.
Happiness is not an illusion; it is not unobtainable. Happiness is real but it takes real work.
When we give our power over to the job, the kids, the spouse; we lose our own ability to be truly content.
I don’t buy into the notion that some people can’t be happy; I believe that these folks choose not to be. I also believe that they enjoy the short-lived attention they get from those concerned beings who want happiness for everyone.
By being unhappy, they get the attention and power of those who are. In this attempt to feel better, the unhappy person tries to get joy from another source. (I do believe the young folks call it, sucking flavor—so appropriate.)
You must be responsible for your own you. Transformation takes work and then it takes some more.
As you become more joyful, you are able to shine a light for others to see and emulate.
Yes, there are those who like the darkness; but that’s another story for another time and as I said, there is a fishing pole with my name on it.

Be you, be joy, be powerful.
Bertice Berry, PhD.



  1. Dear Bertice, I really needed to hear your words today. I recently attended a funeral and have had a few run-ins with others that sometimes make me question how happy I am. The fact is that I need to take some action for that happiness. I loved the picture. I found your blog through the character education partnership. Saw that you were speaking at the Character Education Conference in Washington DC in November. I may attend. In any event, GOOD LUCK and stay working on your happiness!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. Fishing and crabbing were fun, hot, frustrating and made me very very happy; alot like life.
    Stay the course of joy and hope to see you ar Character education in DC