Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 255; The Way You See The World...

...and let it begin with me

The Way You See Things

Yesterday, while reading the book 72 Names of God; Technology for the Soul, by Yehuda Berg, I came to the subject of Global Transformation. In this section we are reminded that peace begins inside the individual.
“Before we can embark on a mission to change the world, we must transform ourselves,” it read. I’d read this many times before, both here and in other text. Then I came upon a passage that shook me to my core;
“That which our eyes witness out in the external world, all the evil, all the wickedness, is but a mirror image reflecting the remains of evil that lay hidden and undetected in our hearts.”
I read the passage and then read it again, then I began to see why in a world full of goodness, we chose to see the darkness. I understood why the nightly news reflects the negative and barely touches on the positive and I could see why after 24 hours in an entire day, I sometimes only think of what my children did wrong.
I began to look back at myself and realized how much more work I had to do and was thankful that the year is not over and I still have time to change.
What do you see?
I’ve got an early flight and I’ve decided that I am overjoyed about it. The way I see it, there is much to do and I can make a difference.
I’m starting with me.

How do you see the world?
Be you, be well, See Peace,
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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