Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 266; Pushing Through

Pushing Through

One of the most remarkable traits my mother possessed was the ability to push through every and any obstacle. She had her faults, but her ability to push through even those made her the world’s greatest transformer.
I have inherited this trait and as much as I admire it in my mother, I often detest it in myself. It is a wonderful thing to be able to push beyond your own pain and needs, however, there is a time when we must all leave our ego on the floor and get back in bed and just do nothing.
From my mother, I learned to value work for the sake of work and unfortunately, with the exception of my friends and the Amish, this is not a widespread idea.
I believe (which means I do not know for certain) that every office has at least one of these “push through” types. These are the folks who will work until the job is complete. They will stay as long as it takes and they will put the needs of the whole above their own.
This sounds wonderful on paper, but the whole truth is we must also take care of ourselves.
Pushing through is great at the end of a work-out, when you need that final push. It is miraculous when you have an idea that sits just in front of you but you can’t quite reach it and then you push through and find the gem.
It is a great trait to have where work is concerned, but when it comes to life; we need to rely on the love and kindness of others.
We must rest and think and let life assist us in our everyday tasks.
When I find myself working even harder than my mother did, I allow her voice to guide me from the other side; “I worked that hard so you can work smart.”
Today, push through your need to beat yourself at working and take the time to rest.

Be you, be well be restful.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. I wonder how many of us reading this blog are "push through" types? I bet a lot. We push through and push ourselves to be better each day. As someone who recently pushed so hard she pushed herself into a wall, I understand firsthand the power of rest. Thanks for this powerful message, Bertice. And hello to all of you on this journey with me today!!

  2. Too many of us. Thanks so much for the powerful response. Rest well...wall? As they say down here in the South, "Bless your heart."