Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 265: The Power of Timing

The Power of Timing
Okay boys and girls, I am excited and ready to kick it up a notch. For over 265 days now, I have been getting up a few hours earlier than I would normally need to, to write about transformation and becoming our highest version in spirit, mind and body.
We have 100 days to get there. Okay, the truth is that you have the rest of your life, but for now we have the now.
When I was back in graduate school, I somehow found myself entrenched in the powerlifting and body building community. I’d help folks train and even did the choreography for many of Ohio’s top competitors. I worked out daily because other than the church or the library, the old gym (the new one was for the see and be seen crowd) was the place where I could still keep my head in the books and do something physical at the same time. I’d do reps and memorize statistical research terminology or theoretical concepts.
I loved the hard working folks at the old gym where I became a fixture. Trainers would try to get me into competitions and wondered why I refused to do so, since I attended most of them with my friends. I didn’t care to put my body on display, but I loved the work-outs and trade secrets shared by those who were truly in.
One of the best kept secrets of an athlete is timing. The body builders and power lifters all understood the seasons of their body and the timing of their next events. They would work daily towards their goals, but understood the need to wait for the right peak time to truly get down to business. The best work was always done with a three month window.
“Start too soon, and you peak too quickly, start too late and you miss your moment.” This wisdom could be applied to many things in life (don’t even go there,) and I have often applied it to studying for my comps, writing a novel and even for guiding my children.
In life, just like weight training, timing is key.
So now, that you get the point, let me drive it home; we have 100 days left to really reach the top. Today is the day to begin to apply all that you have been learning.
As they say in the gym; “I’ve been working every day for this day. Now the real work begins.”

·         Get your goal in front of you. Let it determine what you will or will not do.

·         Let nothing hinder nor delay

·         You will have the rest of your life to take a break from you---okay you won’t but you get the point.

·         Begin to visualize your results.

·         Tell yourself that you are grateful for you now

·         Put aside all things that hinder

·         Surround yourself with truth, love and more truth

·         Realize that you deserve the time you need to spend on yourself

·         Go For It
Be you, be well, get ready to be your best.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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