Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 271; Something Good Is About To Happen

Something Good Is About To Happen

I have a little dilemma here; I have an early flight and a big concept to share, so I’m going to break it down as parsimoniously as possible. (I know; I dropped a 5 dollar word in a 2 dollar sentence.)
Have you ever noticed that when everything is going well, like your laundry is all clean, the kids are acting right and you got your bills paid on time, that you begin to worry?
“Uh oh, something bad is about to happen.” You mumble to yourself. Then you begin to brace yourself for the self-fulfilling prophecy you’ve already planned for and when things go wrong just like you expected, you get to be right.
It’s good to look ahead; it’s even more wonderful to store up for winter, but we have been living like our enslaved ancestors on the day after Juneteenth who danced and celebrated the night before, but woke up saying “I know this can’t be true; there's no way that I've been set free.”
What if we truly lived in the present now and expected only good?
What if we believed that all things were possible, simply because we believed?
What if we built our hopes on things eternal?
What if God’s will is done on earth just as it is in heaven?
Would we even want to know, or would we want to keep expecting the worse rejoicing then we proved our own selves right right?
Heavy stuff, I know. But I have a plane to catch and a belief that it will take-off and land.
Be joyous, uplifted and expectant of nothing but infinite good.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. You are killing me softly with this one today, Bertice. Thanks, I needed that! <3

  2. Awesome Bertice! Love how you break it down for us! Hugs, Adrienne

  3. Beautiful. Hard to do this daily, especially if you are a bit of a worrier. As you say, "live in the present and expect only good" it becomes easier when the big bumps throw us off-course. (Be wary of "what you seek", however... it could cost you your "WILL") Ah. This could be a good story. <3