Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 268; Be Careful What You Ask For

Dreaming and conjuring

Be Careful What You Ask For

Yesterday, I had one of those truly surreal moments when I connected to something I’d thought about the night before.
I believe that we can have what we desire, but the trick to life is in knowing what to want.
A few night s ago I had a flashback dream. In the dream, I was a kid again and my brother and I had snuck my mother’s recordings of the comedian Mom’s Mabley and were listening to them in the basement.
We’d laugh at the familiar lines of the bawdy old woman who made even my mother laugh. Moms was in her late 70’s at the time and performing all over the world. “Don’t talk about the dead unless it’s good,” Moms said of her late husband. “Well, he’s dead, good.”
I woke up laughing and wondering how and why I had conjured Moms. I knew that she’d had a difficult life. She’d been raped twice when she was a child and forced to marry a much older man. Her grandmother, whom she said was responsible for “hipping” her; making her wise, encouraged her to run away. She did so and joined the vaudeville circuit. I laughed at the dream but I had a big day ahead of me and so I forgot all about my night time visit with Moms.
Later that morning, my daughter and I flew to Cincinnati for a meeting the next day. We spent the morning with a good friend who took us to lunch. Afterwards, we walked around an artsy neighborhood and found a throwback record store. The place had some of everything. There were CDs and vinyl; 45s and 78s.
I was looking in a section of CDs with recordings of Dr. King and Malcom X and then I found it; a collection of performances of Moms Mabley. I stood there wondering if this was actually happening.
Thinking of Moms Mabley is rather random; finding her CD in a store my friend didn’t even know existed was downright mind boggling. (More about Moms)
As we rode in the car, we listened and laughed at what I had mostly forgotten. To hear my daughter laugh at the same things that I did as a kid was priceless.
What can you conjure?
What old memories would you like to revisit?
What did you dream?
Today, I’ve decided to be even more focused with my desires, because I never know what might turn up.
Be you, be well, be wanting.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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