Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 254; We're Trying To Do Something Here

No thank-you, I'm trying to do something here.

We’re Trying to Do Something Here

I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to share with you a little mantra that seems to be working for me.
At the end of June I officially became a member of the menopause club. My doctor offered me the magic pill that would start my period again, but I told her that I would be buying a  white pant suit instead.
When the small bursts of heat began to flash at the upper part of my body, I made the logical connection between my thoughts and the heat; when I was angry, frustrated, fearful or worried, I felt the rush. I no longer get those heat burst; I have learned to change my thoughts and my body has responded.
Sounds crazy I know, but start the practice and see what happens for you.
Anyway, what I had been having trouble with is all of the other crazy little things that come along with it. Sometimes I want candy that I’ve never ever liked. Sometimes I want to skip my daily “exercise” routines and sometimes I just can’t write.
Here’s the good news, my little mantra that seems to be working has been working on everything and it’s simply this;
“We’re trying to do something here.”
I say it when I want to go off course, when I want to get angry, when I feel the need to tell folks who have been on my nerves that they are on my nerves. When I feel compelled to tell my children to go swim the English Channel, I tell myself, “We’re trying to do something here.”
When I want to eat something ridiculous, like the Oreo cupcakes my daughter made last night, “We’re trying to do something here.”
It’s a way of reminding yourself that you have a bigger goal; the outcome of which is greater than the momentary pleasure of the temptation to go off course.
Stay on the course of becoming your best.

Soon you will say, I’ve done something here.
Be you, be well, be wonderful.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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