Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 257; Happiness Can be Learned

Happiness Can Be Learned

Last night I gave a lecture, got on a redeye flight, and then flew back across the country to give another lecture. I should be tired, but I’m too happy to be. Nothing happened to make me happy; I just decided to be that way.

Research on happiness indicates that it really is that easy; it’s making the decision that’s difficult. We have learned to be miserable. We don’t seek sadness, but we choose things that lead us that way.

When we focus and strive for the extrinsic goals of status, money and image, and ignore the real wealth of personal growth, relationships and a sense of community, we are trading a life of happiness for the frustration of chasing our own tail or tale whichever you prefer.

Happiness is a skill that once learned, can help you function better in every area of your life.

·         Find ways to play

·         Get closer to friends and family

·         Do meaningful acts of kindness (okay I guess I didn’t need to write meaningful)

·         Appreciate life, loved ones and everything you can. Actually count your blessings

·         Think happy thoughts
Find the movie Happy and watch with someone who makes you smile(The Happy Movie)

There are more happiness skills but I’m tired, loopy and happy.

Go out today and make yourself happy.
Be you, be well, be happy

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. THANK YOU for once again speaking to us at NWONE Iin Seattle last night. It was again one of the best I've made us laugh, you made us cry....but you gave us steps to take control of our own happiness! As last year, you left my heart filled, and my "laughter meter" on high! God bless are a wonderful amazing inspiration is a better person for having spent one hour with you! THANK YOU!!