Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 210; Creature of Habit

Creature of Habit

Okay boys and girls, I’ve got to make this one real quick. For the first time since the laptop was invented, I left home without the cord to mine. My battery light is blinking and so I gotta make it do what it do.
My children often say that I am a creature of habit and if you mess with my habits, I turn into a creature. They have a point.

My life is completely different every day. I can be in New York on Monday and San Diego on Tuesday. I travel so much that airport employees recognize me in cities where I don’t even live. Because my life requires a great deal of change, I require a great deal of habit. I pack the same way each week but if I am interrupted, I get off track.
Habits are good to have but when you allow your life to become stagnant as a result you are not living.
A fisherman once told me that a fish will not swim in stagnant water.

That’s it, battery says go.

Be you, be well, be different.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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