Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 190 of Your Year to Wellness; The Enemy Within

Be still and check your own heart

The Enemy Within

When I first graduated from college, I accepted a job as a researcher for the City of Jacksonville’s Victim’s Assistance Office. One of my duties was to help design and implement a city-wide survey concerning crime victimization.
I learned of the debilitating effect that crime has on its victims. Very rarely do we think of the aftermath of the crime, yet this is when the impact is most devastating.
Even if a person had been robbed of something which they said had little value to them, the victims of the crime experience a period of depression, fear of leaving their home and sometimes a serious physical and or psychological illness.
I was also learned about the relationship between the fear of crime and one’s actual encounter with it. People feared crime at a much higher rate than they had been victimized by it.
The Home Security business is a multi-billion dollar industry. People are much more concerned about what may come into their home than they are with the threat that comes from family and loved ones and even less with what they do to themselves.
We are wired to avoid and flee danger. But what if you are your own worst enemy? What alarm can protect you from the negative thoughts and habits that you have learned?
Years ago when the terrorist Timothy McVeigh was on the loose, I was not amazed by the heightened security at the airport, however, I was somewhat shocked by the fact that all of the people who had been pulled over for an extra screening, myself included, looked nothing like the “boy next door” McVeigh.
I loudly wondered why we were all suspect when a man who looked like McVeigh’s twin informed me that a terrorist was on the loose.
If you haven’t already figured it out, here’s my point; we must always protect ourselves from an outside danger, but more often than not, the real threat to our life and dreams comes from within.

Search your own heart, motives, beliefs and actions to see if you are your own worst enemy, and if you are, be lenient and show mercy.

Be you, be well, be protected.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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