Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 194 of Your Year to Wellness; Don't Forget Your Talent

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What Have You Done With Your Talents?

Talent is defined as a natural ability or aptitude and it’s because of this definition that we get confused about how hard one must work at those talents.
I often think of Michael Jordan and his so called “natural” ability to play basketball. What most people fail to think about is the fact that Mr. Jordan always arrived earlier than anyone else for practice and to the actual game.
We all have an aptitude or inclination towards something or another, but we don’t always apply our self to it. Because you don’t get paid to do the thing you love does not mean that you shouldn’t spend time and effort at doing it.
In fact, when people are engaged in something they enjoy on a regular basis, the things they don’t enjoy become much more enjoyable.
When I’m traveling, I often see people knitting or doing needlepoint. When I ask about how and why they do it; they all say the same thing. “I don’t like to travel, and this calms my nerves.” When I ask what these folks  do for a living, I am always rewarded with answers that have nothing to do with crafting. Over the years I’ve met police officers, executives, nurses and even an airline security consultant.
You don’t have to be paid for doing what you love; but when you can combine work with an internal passion or inclination towards something, your work becomes much more rewarding.
I am very fortunate; each day I get to engage in the things that I'm passionate about. People often tell me that I’m a natural; saying that what I do comes to me easily; without effort. They do not see the time spent on research, preparation and getting there.
When you look at someone’s outcomes without regard for the input, you can become envious and jealous because you believe that they get something for nothing. If talent is a gift from birth, then the talented don’t have to do much to reap their great rewards; NOT SO.
The truth of the matter is this; talent maintenance is hard work.
I know I seem to be a bit all over the place today, but I’m going somewhere with this and here comes the station stop.
Everyone has a talent or aptitude for something. As we get older, we tend to forget what we once loved and were good at. When we see others doing what they seem to enjoy, we wonder why they get to play while we have to work.

Rediscover your first love and get back together. Even if it’s not your job, and you don’t get paid one dollar for it, expressing your natural aptitude will make everything else better.

Energy is energy and love is all there is.
Be you, be well, be talented.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Thanks, this is a wonderful subject, I remember "back" in my late 20's I was in a big rut towards how I felt about my job until a friend in a Bible based discourse he gave reminded us the same thoughts you shared and it really helped me change my attitude & rediscover my hidden & or dormant talents. I mad the adjustments. The way I viewed everything & everyone changed. There were still things I needed to change, but time for those things was yet to come. But they came, and when they did I acted on it, and again took my talents, abilities and above all my attitude took another move forward. I've done all I can to move forward & or at least not fall "backwards" since then. Your journey is proving to be the right thing at the right time for me as I try to embrace my talents and use them to better myself & those I love by using the ability to combine transformation and positiveness along with self love & wisdom. And in the process, not fall backwards. I truly hope others can appreciate these same things from your words that you share on your journey, and then as a group, it becomes our journey together. Warm Thanks again!