Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 184 of Your Year to Wellness; Poor Mouthing

Stay rich in thoughts
and your outcomes will be as well

Putting Your Poor Mouth on It

My mother had some of the most amazing sayings; one of them concerned “Poor Mouthing.”

Now, I am not certain of the origin of this concept, but I know it’s meaning. I’ve got an early trip, so I will make this quick and to the point.

Poor Mouthing was one of my mother’s most parsimonious terms. Parsimony of course is the ability to say the most in the least amount of space; at which she was a master.

To poor mouth something, or to put one’s poor mouth on something happens when a person says something negative, discouraging, or doubtful about something that another or even that person had been hopeful about.

For example, if I were to say; “We are going to be fine and everything will be okay.” And someone else came along and said “You are not going to be okay, I can feel a storm coming.” This person is poor mouthing.

If I said, “Life is good,” and someone else said, “What’s so good about it.” The person is poor mouthing.

I think you see the point. But let me drive it home a bit more; my family was very poor, but according to my mother, our thoughts needn’t be.

She felt that  because we had very little, we didn’t require much faith to, as she would say, see our way clear. She didn’t allow poor mouthing because even with little, we should have  wonderful thoughts, attitudes and ideas.

That’s it, gotta run, but I hope this lesson in Bea-isms (my mother’s name was Beatrice) does you mighty good.

Be you, be well, be rich in thoughts.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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