Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 197 of Your Year to Wellness; It's Never Too Late

My brother Kev. Retired Marine,
but still wearing the haircut

It’s Not too Late

Yesterday, after seeing over 800 adults get degrees that they once thought they’d never receive, I flew to Philadelphia and then drove down to my Wilmington, Delaware; the place where I was born.
There had been a huge family gathering, but I got in too late and was exhausted, so as I made my way to my room, I phoned in to the party.
 My brother Kevin had flown in from California and was the DJ. I could hear his wonderful music and folks yelling out song titles. Kevin had everyone riled up with games and his own version of Name That Tune; a game he perfected on me when we were still kids.
Kevin is also a bass player and when we were young, he loved to torture me by playing just the bass line of a song over and over again until I could guess it. Now he finds music with drum solos or stick count-offs and entertains partygoers until they come up with the title and are rewarded with a prize.
Kevin is an amazing DJ; he knows the music of cultures most people have never heard of and within each group, is able to create a mix for both the young and the old. He knows what is appropriate for those who are religious and he understands the subtleties of a wedding party that is culturally mixed.
I am blown away his catalogue but what impresses me the most is the fact that after spending 32 years in the Marines, he is doing exactly what he loves to do.
My brother has had tours of duty that I know nothing about; not because I don’t care to but because he still can’t tell me. He is serious and orderly, strict and disciplined. But he is also hilariously funny, incredibly giving and loving to his wife and children and amazingly patient as a basketball and football coach.
After tours and assignments in places we still  know about, he decided to do what he always loved and became a DJ.
DJ Kev Nice, is the man that folks all over southern California look for.
He reminds me, that when you have done your duty and have worked hard to be all that you can be, it is never to later to do whatever you want to do.

·         What are your dreams?

·         How can you apply what you’ve learned to obtaining that dream?

·         Get started today. It’s never too late.

Be you, be well, be the life you deserve.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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