Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 186 of Your Year to Wellness; Learning to Receive

Getting Back What you Give Out

Early this morning I had an excruciating migraine. It was the kind that wakes you up and runs you right to the bathroom, but I couldn’t run and I couldn’t see. I called out for my sister but I said my daughter’s name instead.

She came to my aide, rubbed my back and sang Soft Kitty; you’d have to be a fan of The Big Bang Theory to understand. My head rocked in waves of pain and I felt cold and rung out.

I kept thinking that I would have to go to the hospital but I felt that I could be better if I could just sit up right; I couldn’t.

My daughter got my sister and son who all came to the rescue with water, ice and LOVE.

They wanted to take me to the hospital but I told them that I thought I’d be okay if I could just be still. They gathered all of the necessary belongings and prayed and in their hearts saw me as well and rather quickly,  I was.

The migraine began to subside and I could see. The whole time I was thinking, “but I have to write a post.”

Everyone sat around with me and talked about random things like names of constellations and why Pluto was no longer a planet. The kids went to the store for fresh peppermint and ginger to calm the nausea and my sister stayed behind to be with me.

Now, I’m sitting in my bed writing (I normally work from my desk.) And I’m allowing the love of my family to help me heal.

We have to learn to let others give us what we give them.

That’s the lesson, learn to receive.

Be you, be well, be Beautiful.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Your Own Words I send to you in the hopes it will make you Feel Better.... Be YOU, BE WELL, Be BEAUTIFUL. It is idependence day, so may YOU remember the freedom your mind and heart has allowed you to find in using Wisdom, Power, Courage and Love to a degree that the words you echo come back to you and provide songs & melodies only you can understand- And than, because of your wise heart & powerful mind,YOU, something only you do so well- share it with others! Family, Freinds & The World APPRECIATE that warmly. Feel better, stay cool, calm and collective. Relax your precious soul and the spirit you share. Warmly, j o h n