Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 192 of Your Year to Wellness; Pacing Yourself


People who know me often comment or ask about my high energy. “Where do you get it,” they wonder.
The real question is not where my energy comes from, but it’s how I use it. If these same folks talked to my sister or children, they would find out that I go to bed rather early and wake up in the wee hours of the morning.
After 8 in the evening I am as slow as most people are during the day. If I have to be up and energized at night, I take a nap in the day time.
I learned the art of pacing myself from my mother. She died at 87, and even after a two year period of series illnesses including a brain tumor and the required surgery, a series of heart attacks and strokes, my mother was still caring for herself, cleaning her room and doing laundry. She would clean baseboards, because, as she said “She could see the dirt down low,” and could still “get at it.”
My mother took her time but was always on time. In fact, if we had to be some where, she made sure that we got there early. She planned ahead and was always ready.
My sister Christine has these same wonderfully paced habits. She is never in a hurry and always plans ahead. If she's going on a trip, she has already packed a few days before. She walks and rides her bike great distances, but she takes her time.
The key to a healthy life is not how fast you go but that you go steady.
My children used to laugh but at the same time marvel at their grandmother who would dance with everyone at a party. “She can go all night.” They would say. Then one day, they noticed that my mother’s upper body was doing all of the work and her feet were doing a two-step.
“Grandma’s not dancing that hard.” My son pointed out. “Yeah, but she can still out-dance you.” My daughter told him.

Today, be mindful of your pace.
·         When do you find yourself rushing?

·         Why are you rushing?

·         At what point in the day do you typically run out of energy?

·         Do you need caffeine and or energy drinks to boost your energy and then find that you can’t sleep at night?

·         Do you see a connection?

Everything is energy and you have what you need; learn to use it wisely.

Be you, be well, be energized.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Nice entry, I remember one day we shared the idea of "recharging our batteries" and it's so true that energy & sleep, positive routines & positive memories of our loved ones from the past along with sharing those positive memories & positive new memories with our current loved ones "recharges" the heart, soul & mind. Then, as you nicely show, that positiveness produces a energetic spirit. Warmly, john