Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177 of Your Year to Wellness; The Most Powerful Intention

Wishing You Well

Yesterday, I was reminded of an important lesson and immediately applied it; the results were nothing short of miraculous.

We all have friends who we rarely see or communicate with, and then when we do, we are capable of connecting as if there were no time or space between meetings. My sister/ friend Gina is one of mine.
Yesterday, we had the chance to sit and talk for about an hour and it was golden.
We inquired about each other’s children and she told me about her son’s adjustment to his new baby sister. I have only heard stories and seen pictures of her son, and I am always amazed at how enlightened this beautiful boy is.
Yesterday, Gina shared that one morning, as she drove him to school, they passed a woman and two children whose car had been in a wreck. The car appeared totaled and the family huddled closely by; frightened but physically unharmed. The police were already on the scene and were handling the situation, but Gina’s son began to worry for the family; would the children get to school on time; would they be okay.
Then, suddenly he remembered what he could do and said, “Oh yeah Mommy, I will wish them well.”
This young child understood the power of the intention and he applied it.
So yesterday while I was on my way back to the airport. Gina’s friend and co-worker, Susan drove me in her beautiful bright yellow VW Beetle. As we chatted about life a large SUV ran over something that looked like it could have been a large mattress and then spun wildly out of control.
We were on the freeway and the fast moving vehicle swerved in our direction and was rapidly moving right at us.
Susan’s daughter is now in her twenties, but Susan must have flashed back to when she was a child. She acted quickly and reflexively used her own arm as a crash bar to protect me from the collision that seemed inevitable.
“He won’t hit us," I told her. "We are fine."
I continued to wish wellness to the two men in the SUV.
It kept spinning and was coming closer; there was nowhere for us to go. Then suddenly; with only an inch or two between us, both cars came to a complete stop.

I opened my window to the two young men whose faces were right next to mine and asked if they were okay. They were shaking and a little in shock. “Did you see that thing in the road?” They asked. “Yes,” I told them “and you are well. Everything is okay.”

The police were coming up behind us, so we drove on to the airport. Susan was amazingly calm and collected and when we got out of the car, she could feel the impact of what had just happened. We hugged and wished each other well.

I smiled to myself and thought of Gina’s son and how earlier that morning Gina and I had wondered what the world would be like if we all wished each other well.

Today, try it. Send good thoughts and wishes to everyone you encounter; those you know and don’t know. Do it for those you like and the ones you don’t care for.
Wish wellness on everyone you meet and watch how it comes back to you.

I wish you well.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. In January our daughter had her bi-annual MRI. This is a high-anxiety, 50 mile drive to have her image taken and then meet with her neurosurgeon. Well, the results were great and we called her dad with the good news. It was getting late by then and we decided to meet him at our favorite restaurant for a celebratory dinner.
    Our daughter decided to go home with dad and I would follow them in my car.
    It was just getting dark...but out of the corner of my eye I saw a car barreling out of a side street. I knew instinctively that it was not going to stop and soon it sped right into the path of my car...AND THEN IT STOPPED!! I hit the horn and brake at the same time. I stopped within inches of the back bumper and could clearly see the young female driver.
    She suddenly drove forward and took a right turn into a parking lot. I wanted to follow her and give her "what for", but I wanted more to get home.
    Relaying the story to my husband and daughter, they were glad that all was well. I was still breathless the next day and went back out to check the front of my car for damage: there was none. I wish that driver well. I am glad that our daughter is well...and yes, "I wish you well."

    1. Annie, thank you so much for sharing this. It is amazing how easy it is to want to give someone "a piece of our mind," when they really need a piece of our heart.
      Thanks for sharing your heart with me. I wish US well

  2. I really enjoyed reading this and will most definitely apply it as well as share this with my daughters. Powerful stuff! Thanks for sharing. :o)