Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 162 of Your Year to Wellness; Perspective

The Way You See the World

How you view the world is a key factor in the way the world treats you. In other words, your outlook dictates your outcome.
This may seem over simplified, but it’s still true. If you think the world owes you something and everyone is out to get you, you will have a hard time being satisfied and even when you think you’re okay, you’ll feel that someone is about to take what you have earned.
In contrast, if you are grateful for what you have right now and don’t expect others to pick up your tab, you will be happy with what you have while understanding the joy of working for more.
Your world view is the back story or sound track of your life. If you play “Poor Pitiful Me,” you will always have a chorus willing to sing along.
Changing your theme song is not an easy task. That song has been playing ever since you hit the repeat button and unless you change it, it will keep right on playing.
I want to get right to this so, here it is; what we cause, we can also change. When you take responsibility for your life and all that it entails, then you can also change it. It’s time that you stop blaming your parents, old hurts and even the way others have treated you. Decide to respond differently to the stuff of life and find your joy; your peace.
Today, choose to see the beauty of every moment; squint if you have to.
See that brighter day today and know that you are writing your own script.

·         Take action and do something different.

·         Thank someone who has helped you to see more clearly.

·         Make a plan for tomorrow.

·         Rest well allowing your mind to accept what you are embracing.

Today is the beginning of a new dawn; a new look on life; paint your picture well.

Be you, be well, be beautiful

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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