Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 170 of Your Year to Wellness; When My Neighbor Does Well...

The Sun shines for us all

When My Neighbor Does Well I Do Well Too

In the United States we have been raised on the idea that we should want to be the envy of our neighbor. That socialization has gone something like this:

You drive a new car down the block and all of the neighbors come out to admire your good fortune. At first they are smiling but then their faces turn to jealousy and envy as they compare your new vehicle to their old one.

You go out to mow your lawn and it’s looking good, then suddenly you hear the sound of twenty lawn mowers as your neighbors begin to cut and out hedge you.

Your daughter is getting married and you throw a lavish event, so all of your friends and neighbors go broke out lavishing you.

And on and on and the out lavishing and out doing never ends.

It’s time we take a more holistic approach; one that recognizes and ancient wisdom that says when my neighbor does well, I do well too.

Last year one of my neighbors lost his job. His wife called to say that they would be selling their home and if I knew of anyone who might be interested to please let her know. I told her that I would keep a look out but wondered what magic she thought I could bring since my house was on the market as well. (After raising 5 kids here, I can now move to a smaller home.)

My sister and had been thinking good thoughts, keeping them in our intentions and focused meditations and we believed with them that all would be restored.

Last week we heard news that made us dance. The husband not only got a new job, they were relocated and his company bought his home.

We danced and sang with and for them. Their joy was our joy and we actually felt that it had happened to us too.

It’s time that we all grow up beyond our jealousy and envy. When we truly rejoice for the success of others, we will feel and reap the joys of that success as well.

That’s it. I’ve gotta go. I still have some dancing to do.

Be you, be well, be happy for someone else.
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. Love, love,love this...!!!


  2. Thank you, Thank you. And I love that we are all learning together.

  3. Hello Dr. Berry!
    I have been following your writings for awhile. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    Maria Drell (Avi's Mom)

    1. Thank you. You have made my morning. Peace and Grace