Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 159 of Your Year to Wellness; From Self Defense to...

There's no need to fear...
From Self Defense to Bullying

We all have felt the need to protect ourselves. At the core of our being is the need to protect ourselves and our children, so when a person has been overly criticized, they will become critical.
 If a person has been ostracized they will burrow into their own hole and reject others before they themselves can feel rejected. Sometimes, the person will be proactive and before anyone can ever say or do anything towards them, they become the bully.
We all know or have worked with someone who is constantly on the defense. Before you can say anything about their work, they point out the wrong that has been done to them and they become the victim. There are also those who really do believe that someone has not only moved their cheese, but will take all future cheese as well. When this happens, the person seeks to protect not only their life, they want to protect their stuff too and the wall of defense becomes even greater.
The impact of a bully, even if they are passive aggressive is tremendous, so the question becomes, what do you do? You cannot respond in kind --- well, you could but that would make you a bully too.
Toni Morrison once said that the “Task of the oppressed is to teach the oppressor.” I read this and though task? It’s slavery. As I thought about it longer I realized that those who feel offended must teach the offender because we certainly don’t want them teaching our lessons or history for us. When our story is told we must tell it and we must teach those who have gotten the story wrong.
When working and living with the criticizing, overbearing personality practice the following:

·         Ask yourself if it’s you

·         Raise your vibration—send energy and love

·         Stay in your lane---do your job and do it with excellence

·         Speak for yourself---don’t let your bully tell your story for you

·         Use the force of the bully for your own strength (it’s a tai chi thing)

A person who is always on the defense always feels that someone is out to destroy them. Make sure they know that it isn’t you.

Be you, Be well, Be kind

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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