Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 155 of Your Year to Wellness; On Injury and Illness

True wellness takes time;
 but it is lasting
…And Recovery
After I completed my year of wellness which resulted in the loss of 150 pounds, I had a year of adjustment and then another but the year after that, this past year, I had a year of illness and injury. I broke my hand, had to have emergency surgery for the removal of my gall bladder, the following week, I broke two toes, then a few months later I ended up in the hospital after a concussion and now I struggle with tinnitus as a result. I have called that year my Calamity Jane Year. In one year, I spent more time with the folks in health care than I have in my entire life.
At first I wondered how and why I should get so sick after finally getting well. Then something wonderful occurred to me. Even though I had been sick or injured, my recovery was always amazingly quick and without the residual effects that can occur. I have no visible scars, no lingering pain, and no limps; right now I’m just dealing with this very annoying tinnitus, but even this too shall pass.
I think the reason for the quick recovery has to do with the fact that I am well. To be well means that we are more than a fit body; it means that in our mind and spirit we are also well. Life happens; but only to the living and when it does your recovery and even the illness takes on a different light.
I have had to make some adjustments, but even they are for the better. I learned to write with my left hand and then I learned to type. I have had to stop multitasking and truly focus on the task at hand. I am more deliberate in my choices and actions and this is all a blessing.
When a person is well in spirit, mind and body things will still happen, they may even happen more than ever before, but then, something amazing will occur; you will recover and when you do you will be better than you were before the illness or injury.
·         How has your attitude changed?

·         Have the people around you noticed a change in you?

·         Do you avoid drama more than before?

·         Are you seeking peace?
The question is not why stuff keeps happening, stuff has always happened; the question is how well will you respond?

Be you, be well, be healed
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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