Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 165 of Your Year to Wellness; A Pocket Full Of Magic

Mojo as seen through my daughter's lens

Using Your Mojo

I always keep a small notebook with me so I can capture those thoughts and ideas that are original, profound or something that I want to investigate later. My little notebooks are full of all kinds of information and reminders. Every few days or so, I look back through my notes to recall the things I’ve already forgotten.
There are times when I have absolutely no recall of having written something that’s clearly in my own handwriting. Last night, as I flipped through the pages of a book I keep near my nightstand, it happened again. This particular notebook is used for dreams, ideas that come to me when I exercise while listening to books on tape and to keep a record of the profound things that are said by my friends when we are just chatting on a phone call.
As I looked through these pages, I found a note which reads as follows;
“We are all born with a pocketful of magic.”
I have no idea where this came from. These books are not my journals, so there are no dates on the page; no rambling flow of ideas or frustrations. These are just notes to myself.
As I looked at this tiny message, I began to wonder about this pocket full of magic. Now, I know that this idea was not my own because I prefer the word mojo; which according to Wikipedia, is a slang for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal. I think of mojo as a kind of moxy; an unseen nudge that forces us to stand straight and remember just who we are and what we are capable of during those moments when greatness is possible.
My pocketful of mojo is an internal boost of power to be used when the external conditions are perfect for me to realize my dreams.
In my little book, next to that statement, there was also a question; Check your pockets.
Even though I don’t recall writing this, I am sure that I must have been asking myself whether or not I have made the most of my mojo.
I’ve done great things, some of them seem downright magical; but I still have lots more to do.
When our internal drives have kept us on the path of our strengths and the world around us responds to our discipline, we are in perfect alignment. In other words, when you walk with Purpose, you collide with Destiny.

Be prepared and ready and remember your mojo.
Be you, be well, be wonderful
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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