Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 169 of Your Year to Wellness; Listening to Your Heart

Listening to Your Heart

There is a great deal of research which indicates that our heart knows the truth, so the question becomes, why don’t we listen? I’m not talking about the big things like who to love and what job to take; I mean those everyday indicators that tell us to love our own self. ---Okay, maybe I am talking about the big things.
Your heart knows when you are in a rut, it knows when you are not being true to yourself and it knows when you need a break.
So today, I am telling you with all my heart to listen to your heart.
We are connected; there is no space between us; so allow my heart to speak to you.

Take a moment for yourself.

Believe that you are wonderful, loveable and incredible.

Seek wisdom, but also get an understanding.

Take better care of yourself. Take a long bath, long walk, sing a long song or listen to a long piece of music. In other words, take the time you need to do what you need.

Expect the best and accept it when it is given to you.

Ignore the lies and things said about you in anger.

Be more loving, more loveable, more likeable more you.

Read a book, take a break, do a little dance.

Breathe and breathe again.

Be still and know that God is love.

Love you, love me, love your heart.

That’s it, my heart says to tell your heart to go and live.

Be you, be well, listen to your own heart.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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