Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 160 of Your Year to Wellness; Getting Older and ...

No going back

Getting Older and Loving It

A few days ago, I called my brother Kevin to wish him a Happy Birthday; I had missed it by a few days but was in time to give wishes to his son whose birthday is just a day after his father’s.
My brother and I laughed about how much we have forgotten and then we laughed about the getting older.
 I told him that when I had finally missed a period and my doctor tried to give me hormones to start it up again. I told her that she must be crazy; that I was going to buy a white pant suit.
My brother laughed and said something profound and funny; “Not allowing yourself to get old is like not holding the handrail when you know you need to.”
We laughed loudly and I told him that one thing was certain; we’d never be too old to laugh.
I often have to remind myself that I’m 51. A few weeks ago when the tropical storm blew through and my home sustained damage, I was actually wondering when the adults were going to show up to handle things.
I recalled how mature I was when my daughter was sick, when my mother passed away and when another daughter was gone too soon. In those moments of grief, we carry the weight of our life and our age becomes a gift; a window through space and time enabling us to see our past, present and future.
Age does not always bring wisdom. When I hear of women who crash their daughter’s proms because they didn’t get to have one, I wonder where their mother is.
As a child, I missed lots of things. I was either working or in a Pentecostal church praying, but I can’t reclaim my youth. What I can do is assist another child and young person through theirs.
As an almost elder (‘cause let’s face it, I’m not quite there yet) I am loving the fact that I am young enough to do all that I do and wise enough to know when to take a nap.

The alternative to growing older is death, or that woman who had so much plastic surgery that she looks like a cat.
As you grow older keep these things in mind:
·         Engage in activities that you will be able to do for the rest of your life

·         Surround yourself with people who think, grow and seek to evolve and be like them

·         Read entire books and learn new languages; these activities fire the brain like nothing else

·         Laugh, hug, cry, see

·         Get involved with living

The older you get, the more life you should have

Be you, be well, be----um I forgot, oh yeah WISE

Bertie Berry, PhD.


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