Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day116 of Your Year to Wellness; Soul Work

My Soul to Keep

Lately, I’ve been writing about the mind and the body, today I’d like to talk about the soul. If you have a difficult time with words like soul or spirit then think in terms of the psycho-social self.
Just as a reminder, you do not have a soul; you are a soul; you have a body. The soul is the life force or energy that we are and the way we connect to others.
We need these connections for our very existence. That all-powerful research shows that if a child does not have the connections they need while developing they will not grow and mature in a healthy way. The detachment syndrome is a result of the lack of touch, holding and affection that every child needs. Without the connections, the child cannot learn to connect.
Your soul/spirit/psycho-social self needs to connect, reflect and shine.
We all have had an experience when we meet someone for the first time that seems very familiar to us. We call these soul mates, or soul connections. A soul connection happens when you meet someone with whom it is easy to share your light and energy. You open up about yourself with no fear or worry. You feel that the person “gets you” and you them.
I experience this quite frequently. I can be sitting in an airport in a section where no one else is. There’s no flight leaving from the gate and I can have the section to myself but within minutes people begin to come and sit very close to me. When I was younger, I would get upset and wonder why these folks could not just go somewhere else. There were plenty seats, but they chose to sit right next to me.
One day, I complained about this to my mother and she just smiled. “There are some spirits that are very attractive to others; you must be one of them,” she said. “Learn to act like you are.”
I had no idea what she meant. Years later when I read the book The Alchemist, I saw in one of the characters what my mother was talking about. The author Paulo Coelho and my mother were talking about the same thing. In the book the young shepherd goes to a store that is empty and then moments later it is filled with people. I have this experience quite often. People will come up to me to ask my opinion or just begin to talk.
On a plane, I like to get some reading in, but people will open up about their entire life. They will laugh and cry on a 38 minute flight and then when the plane lands, they apologize and tell me that they never like to talk on a plane to a stranger, but they just felt that they could.
These connections can happen in an instant with a complete stranger, while people we know can know nothing of us.
Today, I’d like you give deliberate thought to your soul. Why do you open to some and not others? What is it about the person you can connect with that makes your soul sing?
As you go through the day, pay attention to the people who come across your path. What is it that they desire from you? Does your light shine so brightly that others feel attracted to you?
I know, I’m asking a lot of questions. I want you to do the soul work; to look closely at the way you shine your light and how you receive the light you need.
When you are having a conversation, really pay attention. Actually listen to what is being said before you even begin to think about what you are going to say. Reflect your light and energy on the speaker until you feel compelled to share your ideas.
Okay, I know I’m going deep, but how can you talk about the soul without doing so?
Your soul plays a greater role in your total well-being than you can even begin to imagine.
When you begin to tap into your like force, you will begin to experience the reality that all things really are possible.
Be you, be well, be the light.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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