Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 96 of Your Year to Wellness; Don't stop Now

 The Whole Goal

All of us have a goal in mind; a place we would like to be in a certain time or something we’d like to have.
A few days ago, I came home to find that one of our window bird feeders had been knocked down by several squirrels. Now, this is one of those feeders that can stick to a window and ours happens to be two stories up. Our back porch is about 6 feet away from the window and lately, a few of the squirrels have been climbing up the steps to get a better view of the feeder. They come up and then lie there perched and ready appearing to be studying the best approach for getting at the nuts.
When I came home a few days ago, my sister Chris said that two squirrels flew into the window making a loud crashing noise. They'd somehow managed to wedge their bodies into the small place on the ledge lying there eating the nuts that had fallen on the windowsill.
This is an amazing feet; something that took a great deal of time, effort and thinking. However, what the squirrels failed to see was the fact that the entire feeder was on the ground full of nuts.
They had worked hard to get to the nuts and once they earned the prize of the few, they had forgotten that they were there for the whole thing.
Today’s lesson is simple; don’t forget what you’ve come for.
We often get distracted by how we look and forget that we have to be.
We may meet the love of our life, but then we forget that we have to work to keep that love alive.
Today, remind yourself of your total goal to become the highest version of yourself.

Don’t stop now, keep on keeping on
Be you, be well, Continue.
Bertice Berry, PhD.
The approach

The Prize

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