Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 98 of Your Year to Wellness; Controlling The Weather

What You Can Control

The weather has been all over the place lately, and so have the weather watchers. Weather watchers are those people who are constantly complaining about the weather. When it’s cold they are complaining and when it warms up they do the same thing.
These are the same folks who stay glued to the weather channel so they can report what the day will be like. I used to think it was just us old folks who did this, but I’m starting to see it with young folks too. “It’s going to rain around 3:00,” a youngster told me. “Okay, I said, I’ll watch out for that.” I said. I like the surprise of a rain shower in the middle of the day even when I get caught in one. I lived in Southern California for years and rarely got rain. Now when the rain pours over Savannah I know that the foliage will be neon-green the next day.
I think people like being able to predict what will happen, so they tell you what the meteorologist told them. When it comes to complaining about the weather, people often want to be able to find fault in anything other than their own self. (I’ll leave that hanging here for you to ponder.)
Here’s what I know for certain, I can’t control the weather (well, that’s not completely true, but Al Gore already covered that and we didn’t listen to him either.) I can control my behavior, emotions, reactions and responses. I am not in charge of the economic climate, but I can control my spending and I can work harder even if it pays less.
What we can control is always up to us and what is up to us is in our control.
 I can’t change the weather but I can change the way I respond to rain.
Today pay attention to the following:
·         What do you complain about?

·         Whose complaints do you join in with?

·          What can you do instead of complaining?

·         What can you control?

Once you begin to identify the things that you mindlessly get annoyed by, you will be more mindful and consequently more in control.
Easy lesson to read, but it’s much harder to apply.
Have fun today and enjoy this High Holiday weekend.
Be you, Be well, Be in Control
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. The road is wide….so very wide that concerns of its boundaries are never thought about…until time makes its markings on me….and this road is slowly collapsing becoming narrow to navigate…….bringing me aware of the finality of everything which has a beginning and ending….
    There are only distractions that come into our lives and cause us to become disinterested in ourselves. We seem at times to lose our focus and begin sessions in theatrics. These are times which transcend our lives where we must seek the greatness in ourselves to push us forward. The most troubling issues in our lives are the energy we give everything but our self. Most restraints that keep us captive are either created for us or we conjure up scenarios that can keep us from recognizing the magnificence we all are endowed with. Life’s metaphors are so unrecognizable at times and before we know it…the clutches of consequences has us pinned. In all areas of concern we must search for reasoning….and remain optimistic even though tides of discontent makes its presence felt. As we travel…on the road of life…there are so many pit stops wasting time. It is a travesty to have lived and not lived…. only existing for life’s symbols, images, and misfortunes; never giving rise to the greatness we all are stitched with. The wealth inside of us is insurmountable and we do more harm never discovering or making steps towards fulfilling what all of us are created in….a richness undefined and everlasting….

  2. Hello Bertice, thank you for connecting with us on Twitter. You have great blog posts!