Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 113 of Your Year to Wellness; Not a Competition

Beauty; the other Athletic Sport

In this country and throughout the world, beauty is becoming a competitive sport. Plastic surgery used to be something for folks who thought they were getting old and less attractive and they wanted to “freshen up.” Now, 20-somethings are getting in on the act.

I recently saw a movie where the star, a young smart actor who has chosen wonderful heart-felt projects (and whose name I will not mention) appeared to have had a rather bad eye procedure. I kept wondering why he looked different and then I noticed it; his eyes has been pulled into that cat look that people often get from plastic surgery.

I think that folks should have the freedom to do what makes them feel better; the problem is our definition of beauty and feeling better have been dictated to us by those who want to sell to us.

The commercials for exercise equipment and diet programs look like boot camp for soldiers and athletes and I see nothing wrong with that for soldiers and athletes.

There is less and less concern with our Being and more and more with how we look.

It’s as if the marketers are saying, “Why be good when you can look good?”

You can have both. When you seek a transformation from within, the spark of the divine becomes a flame and then a torch; lighting a path for others. The more I transform into my true self and purpose; the more beautiful I become. My light is shining brighter than ever and I am even less concerned with the superficial self.

Avoid the race to be the most beautiful; no one ever wins. Join the race to be more humane, compassionate, intelligent, peaceful and loving.

Today, seek ways to be more you, more often.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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