Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 99 of Your Year to Wellness; Avoiding Temptation

Avoiding Temptation
Today you will be gathering with family, loved ones and friends (notice that they are not always the same.) You will be faced with many temptations. There will be tons of food and plenty of opportunity to respond to someone who says something that you just don’t agree with.
You will be told that you are looking good; “in fact, better than last year.” Say thank you and then say that you feel better too. Don’t make a show of turning down food just quietly pass the bread, candied sweet potatoes and ham.
Be prepared because it will be much easier to say no to the macaroni and cheese than it will be to avoid the argument that’s been bubbling since the last family gathering.
Do not forget what you have learned. When it comes to the bread, sweet potato pie and a “sip” of wine to celebrate the miracle of Jesus, remind yourself that you “already know what that tastes like.” There is no such thing as a little taste of a trigger food. It will trigger the need for a little more of this and that and before you know it you are unnaturally full and mad with yourself and your family.
When it comes to candy, I’m like a kid. I can go all year without it but then come Easter I think that I deserve a few jelly beans. Then I’m really like a kid when my head hurts and I feel like sitting in the middle of the floor and crying.
The thing that will be even more difficult to avoid will be being pulled into the roles we have played for so many years. Your brother is the funny one; you are the smart one and so on. What if you decide that today, you will not be lulled into the role? What if you spent the day without taking the bait for an argument or gossip session?
Remember the practice, take a deep breath, smile and send love. See those around you as whole and complete and see yourself that way too.
Today is just one day, but within that day is the opportunity to be well---again.
Much peace and Power.
Be you, be well, be the example your family needs to see.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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