Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 112 of Your Year to Wellness; Taking it up a Notch

Kicking it up a Notch

It’s that time of year when the weight loss industry tells us to kick it up a notch by exercising more and eating less.

I’ve always heard that in order to increase my performance, I must increase my intensity but the Year to Wellness is not just about the body it is about the reintegration of the spirit, mind and body.  Healthy habits require habitual behavior, but anything that is done over and over again the same way day in and day out has a tendency to become mundane and routine which will often result in stagnation.

Today, let’s kick it up a notch. How can you rest more, and move better?

Whose life can you touch? Who do you need to thank and who do you need to forgive?

Increase the amount of time you spend in meditation and go to bed a few minutes earlier. Just as little deviations from a program results in great losses, tiny movements in the right direction make for big strides.

Today, look over your commitment to wellness and find ways to kick it up a notch. Don’t just look for more ways to move your body, look for ways to move your spirit and mind as well.

Kick it up a notch by being more loving and understanding. Increase your ability to laugh and to make others laugh as well.

Keep learning new things and passing them on.

By the end of the year you won’t just have a better body; you will be a better you.

Be you, be well, be whole

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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