Friday, April 27, 2012

DAy 118 of Your Year to Wellness; Givers and Takers

Life is in the balance

To The Needy Not the Greedy

When I was a kid growing up we always had water with our meals, but there were those rare occasions when we got to have iced tea or juice instead. When we did, we would play the game of needy or greedy.
This was one of the many made-up games my siblings and I played. In this game, someone would ask for a little of your juice and you got to determine if that person was needy or greedy. We would ask a series of questions like, “Did you help me with my homework” or “did you share with anyone last week.” If the person said yes, then they were just in need, but if you knew the answers were no, then they were one of the greedy and would be turned down.
I have been thinking of this game lately; because so many people are truly in need; but then right there next to them are the greedy.
There seems to be an inverse relationship between how demanding a person is and their willingness to give. The more demands they have; the less giving they are. Conversely, the more giving a person is, the fewer demands they make.
We all know someone who only calls you when they want something; the interesting thing is; when you go to help them, they will tell you how you should do it.
So why am I writing about this in a wellness and transformation blog? Hold on, because this is going to get real good; those who are givers are often distracted by takers. It fulfills a giver to give; but when you stray away from your path to attend to the needs of others, you are not taking care of yourself.
This is a difficult lesson for a person who is inclined to give, but it is one that must be learned.
Life is about balance and we must learn to give and receive. Those who are givers will give until they have nothing left and those who are takers will take until you have nothing left. I hope you see the issue here.
Be balanced and aware that you deserve to be loved, cared for and nurtured in return.
Be you, be well, be balanced.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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