Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 114 of Your Year to Wellness; Confidence

Be strong in who you are and what you believe

Beware the Confidence Thieves

I’m going to get right to this one. There are those who like to take the confidence of others. You know who you are. You are that person who describes someone’s accomplishment as a “little thing,” and even though you could not do the thing yourself you question the other person about why it took them so long.

We’ve all fallen victim to a confidence thief because let’s face it, they’re everywhere. People who feel a need to usurp the power of another are lacking power themselves. So they look for those who are doing their part in the Universe and attempt to take them down.

My mother used to say that if you cut someone else’ legs off, you won’t grow. You may appear to be taller but that appearance won’t last very long and then you are exposed for who you truly are.

So what can be done about a confidence thief? What everyone should do, thief included, is work to build their own house. Self-esteem is for the self but it comes from the people and ideas around you.

Surround yourself with solid folks; people who encourage your work and ideas. If you happen to be in an environment full of people who are negative and you can’t leave just yet; level the field by bringing in your own team of inspiration. Listen to music and audio books on your way to work. Meditate and reflect on all that is good and right in the world.

Read the works and stories of those who are powerful, loving and smart. Seek ways to share what you’ve learned with those who will encourage.

The more time I spend with healthy people, the healthier I become.

Avoid the naysayers and don’t allow for an opportunity to be put down. If you don’t want a negative opinion; don’t ask for an opinion from a negative person.

Those who lack confidence will try to take it from others; that’s what they know.

What you should know is this; there is more than enough love, ideas, wisdom, kindness, beauty and confidence. All we have to do is tap in.

Be you, be well, be confident.

Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. Empowering Bertice! Here is something that resonates with what you have communicated today... When I love all of me (the "good", the "bad", and the "________"), I recognize the good in others.

    A revelation for our community... "No reason to be a thief because the truth is: "Each of us already has all the necessary treasures within."

    Thanks Bertice for being committed to empowering our global society to walk in their Godly greatness.

  2. Excellent blog. Confidence thieves, like other parasitical beings, require a host to feed upon. The one thing we should all remember about these sorts of people is that they NEED you to stay alive. You don't need them. Pray for these sorts of people and move away from them--quickly.

    Thank you Bertice for sharing your light with the world and allowing God to bless others through you. God bless you.