Monday, February 4, 2013

Art of Living Week 5: Living Life Inside Out

Living Life Inside Out

Last week I wrote about seeing God everywhere and in everything. I love hearing from readers who enhance my ability to see.
One of the readers; a friend and teacher, Bebe Coker, wrote to me saying that she was inspired to be more Christ-like. I wrote back telling her that in my eyes she was upright and Divine.
Bebe is a poet and playwright; an activist who makes sure that no woman or child is left behind. She is involved in her community, bringing the arts to everyone from everyone and she puts her heart where her beliefs are. She has raised three very amazing daughters (See her daughter Joan, the surgeon here.) and lives the essence of Christ-like (especially when Jesus turned over the tables.)
I asked her how she could be a better representation and what she wrote back inspired today’s post.
“Berty, what you are writing about is living your life from the inside out,” she wrote.
“I will be next week,” I replied.
The idea of living from the inside out is something that I have been thinking about for weeks. We have been living from the outside in. Our image and status have become more important than our intention and heart.
We want people to like us based on what they see rather than who we be. At this stage in my life, I'd rather be seen as a caring teacher and guide than as a physically beautiful woman who turns heads.
Don’t get me wrong, I like being thought of as beautiful, but it’s time that we all take a look inside and then as Bebe wrote, turn things inside out.
Yesterday, I spoke my heart to a young woman who had been serving me with a negative attitude.
I had ordered a green tea and then when I noticed that the clerk had prepared a cold cup, I asked if she realized that I wanted it hot. She sighed and rolled her eyes. She put her hands on her hip and then turned to her associate and said, “I know what I’m doing.”
I smiled and showed her my heart. “Dear one,” I said, “We are not in competition, we are sisters. When you love yourself more, you will be able to love me too.”
The woman’s co-worker smiled a big smile and said “OOOOh, please tell her again.”
The young woman said that she was just tired, but the co-worker said that she always had a bad attitude and it was time someone told her. The woman became angry and looked at me with disdain, so my heart went into high gear.
Sweeheart, what you think of me is of no concern to me, but I need you to love yourself, because you are too young and beautiful to miss the opportunity.”
This time, the young woman broke. I saw tears in her eyes and she smiled. Another young woman who had walked up behind me say, “Wow, I like that, I needed to hear that too.
I began to think about expressing more love and living my beliefs more boldly and I found myself smiling. I realized it because more people were smiling back at me.
I started laughing out loud and those around me laughed too.
We can continue to live as if money, status and looks are everything or we can begin to learn more, love more and share what we have.
When we do, we will find that out heart will manifest all that we desire.
This week, and every week that follows try this:

·         Share your story with someone who needs to hear it.

·         Tell a child that they are smart and beautiful.

·         Use love for correction; start with yourself.

·         Share your skills with someone who needs them.

·         Contact an old teacher and tell them what they did for you.

·         Read Voodoo in My Blood; A Healer’s Journey from Surgeon to Shaman by Carolle Jean Murat. It's an amazing story of an exceptional life.(Clcik here and read more)

As you begin to live from the inside out take notice of the fact that you will shine from within.

Be you, be well, be living.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. Wow. This is beautiful. When a "negative" is in the's easy to lash out. Reacting from the inside (from the heart) can change a situation so quickly. Love this.