Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dealing With Insecurity; Perception is Reality

What’s Perceived as Real Is

In Sociology we have a saying, “If something is perceived as real then it becomes real in its consequences.
In other words, no matter what you believe; if you believe it enough, then what you manifest will be seen through the lens of those beliefs.

If you believe that you are unattractive, then that is what you will see. Moreover, what you see will eventually be manifested for others to see as well.

In dealing with your insecurities, it is important that you look deep into your past for that moment when you decided to believe that which is not true.
When did you decide that you were fat or stupid or inadequate?

Sometimes we are given a hand in our beliefs. What we think is often grounded in the things that we have been told, but most often, they were told  to us by someone who is even less secure then we are.

When you don’t feel great about yourself, you will try to take others with you. Misery doesn’t just like company, it likes miserable company.
When folks don’t feel good about themselves, they will often spread their dislike with others.

Today ask yourself the following:
Is what I’m feeling real?

What is this belief based on?

What is the real root of my insecurity?

What is the truth?

You are beautiful, wonderful and powerful as you are; you can believe that.

Be you, be well, true.

Bertice Berry, PhD.


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