Friday, February 22, 2013

Use The Force

Use the Force

 I’m a big fan of martial arts movies. I like the old black and whites that haven’t been translated very well. I actually enjoy reading the screen, as an old friend once called it.
He walked out of Crouching Tiger because he said if he wanted to read he wouldn’t have gone to a movie, he would have gotten a book instead. He’s no longer a friend, because I know he doesn’t read books either.
Anyway, I’m writing about martial arts movies for this reason only, I love the turnaround.
In these movies, even when the hero does not win, "good" still triumphs over "evil".
From these movies, I have learned a very important tool;use the force, the rage and  the unbalanced, uncontrolled anger and ego of your opponent for the good of all.
The best martial artists barely move. They allow their adversary to come crashing in and they simply pull that force forward to their own demise.
When I become angry or distressed, I ask myself why? Am I angry for a righteous cause? If so, the force is already with me.
If not; if I am angry because my ego is telling me that I deserve more, better, to be the best, then I use the force to calm and correct my own ego.
Allow the force to calm your waters and those of your opponent.
And remember this, if your style of living doesn’t work in every province, then your Kung Fu is no good.

Be you be well and may the force be with you.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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