Friday, February 15, 2013

Do it In Love

Do it in Love

Okay, so I know that yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but today, I’d like you to be more loving.
Whatever you do, do it with, for and in LOVE.
A few days ago, I left my house during a huge storm. Thunder rolled and the lightening flashed. I kept waiting for a call from the airline telling me to stay in my warm and wonderful bed because the flight—all flights would be canceled.
The call never came, so I dutifully got up, packed, exercised and got ready for the trip ahead of me.
I was going to speak to a group of healers who worked at the University of Indiana Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana.
These are folks who have to do their jobs day in and day out while watching life’s inevitable three---suffering, death and change.
I pushed through my weakness and moment of “tired” and found that my flight was the only one on schedule for the day.
When I got to Bloomington, I was met by a sea of gratitude from people whose job is much harder with a lot less gratitude. Yet they showed up.
They have given me the inspiration that I need to tell you this; whatever you do, do it in love.
When you open your car door to set out on your journey, as you board a bus or train; do it with love in your heart and your mind.
When you send an email or cook a meal; when you smile; do so with an intention of love.
Yesterday, I met a woman who asked me how I was able to fast for 40 days. She said that every week on Wednesday and Friday she has the intention to fast for the day. She sets out to do it and then finds that she can’t. My heart beamed with joy; “Then you have fasted,” I told her.
“Your heart held the intention every week to do something and you think you didn’t accomplish it because you didn’t get through the whole day,” I asked her.
“I wish that I could be so diligent,” I said; “what love and commitment.”
Today, put the intention in your heart to be more loving. You may think you are loving enough; we need you to turn up the volume.
The world is looking for you; waiting for you to show up with a heart full of the mojo we need.

·         Smile brightly.

·         Sing to yourself.

·         Take deep breathes throughout the day.

·         Let someone in, in traffic.

·         Lead the way.

·         Give encouragement to a young person.

·         Pick up a piece of trash.

·         Massage your own feet and then thank them for the journey.

Love is the greatest thing there is. When everything else fails and ceases to exist; there will be love.

Turn up the volume of your heart and be the wake-up call we all need.

Be you, be well, be love.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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