Tuesday, April 5, 2016

When The Past is in the Way of Your Presence

Way back in 1901 a doctor by the name of Duncan MacDougal decided that he was going to prove that the soul existed and that it could be measured.

So MacDougal actually put six of his dying patients on scales to measure their before and after weight. (I know, too many places I can take this, but I won’t.)

Taking into account loss of fluids and gases, MacDougal found (for the most part) that the weight of the soul, the essence and animator of the self, weighed about 21 grams.

Religious connotations aside, I’d like you to think of yourself as your essence, that part of you that makes you--- well, you.

Too often, our past; the stuff from back when that happened and didn’t happen, gets in the way of us being who we truly are and can be.

Today, I’d like you to engage that stuff.

When the past comes up into your head and your heart, ask yourself the following:

Why are you here? What have you come to teach me?

Instead of the past, can I see the future? Actually freeze the frame of the picture in your mind, move it from a scene of the past, to a new scene you’ve created from the future.

I know that you don’t know the future and you have to make it up, but let’s be honest; your version of the past is made up too.
(For a full description of the freeze-frame and other techniques, see The book HeartMath.)

Can you forgive yourself? Ask yourself forgiveness for holding on to the past and be prepared to forgive again and again.

The world needs the 21 grams that lie beneath your insecurity, your pain, your hurt and your shame.

We need you to be present with your presence.

Today, how will you show up? What and who can you be?

Be you, be well, be the 21 grams.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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