Monday, April 25, 2016

Closing The Gap

Between Knowing and Believing in Your Ability to Do

It's good to stop and think, now it's time to climb

Imagine that life is one big test. Now imagine that you’ve learned all of the material and know that you know that you know that you are ready. But when you get to the test, the professor tells you that it’s all essay and you have to apply what you’ve learned, but you can’t because you only memorized the material.

We have memorized all of the answers to our own life, but we are not applying them.
Life is about so much more than knowing it is the application thereof.

We go about collecting words and phrases that sound good with very little understanding of what they mean.

We’ve been nodding our heads through life looking and acting as if we know because we are afraid of looking like we don’t.

Then there are those who study and study but never show up for the test.

This is the life; the one you are living right now.

Fear has paralyzed us into thinking that we can never be good enough. So we sit and collect information about a thing never, ever allowing it to touch our heart.

My journey from growing up on the alley way of Gordon Street to PhD. and beyond required that I believe in something greater than me and that I believe in me.

I had to believe in my ability to learn and grow and do. I had to believe that there was something in me that was unique, wonderful and worth finding and living. I had to believe that there was something outside of me that was great enough to get me through life and beyond.

I chose a belief in God and me.

I can know a thing but if I don’t get into life and do the thing, I’m taking up valuable space.

Move from your desire to know about being to actually Being.

BE you, Be well, BE

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