Monday, April 18, 2016

Gratitude in Action:
The Maintenance of You

I have come to believe that true wellness is a balance of the spirit, mind and body. We are spirit, living in a body, possessing the gift of a mind which helps us navigate a physical plane.

When the spirit, mind and body are out of balance, so is our entire universe.

Gratitude is an integral aspect of Intentional Creation. If you want to create anything new or improve upon what you already have; you must enact a spirit of gratitude.

Maintenance is gratitude in action. What we give attention to expands; and positive energy expands exponentially.

We spend far too much time bemoaning the fact that our body doesn’t look like the one we had when we were young. We can spend so much more being grateful for the body we have now; you know the one that is enabling you to sit, stand or lay and read this.

You are those 21 grams of measured difference between a body that is deceased and one that is alive. How do you care and give maintenance to the spirit of you?

 Do you shower yourself with love or unworthiness?

Do you look for evidence and scriptures to support your learned notion of being unworthy or average or do you see that you are enough?

Begin to see ways, books, people and ideas that reflect the truth; that you are amazing.

Begin to show gratitude for your mind. Learn and understand more about it. Each square inch of skin alone has over 1,000 nerve endings, There are 50-11 million (yes that’s a number; I made it up) nerve endings in the body and an unknown number in the brain and spinal column. Your mind is more than your brain. It consists of all of your thoughts, memories and ideas.

Can you grab just one and polish it off?

Your body is crying for you to notice the way your fingers work, how your toes curl or how your shoulders feel tight when you think of something new. Acknowledge it. Tell your body thank you for doing all that it’s done without notice.

Maintenance is gratitude in action. It is a love for all that is, with the understanding that this love brings even more.

Maintain the YOU; the I AM that you have neglected to be grateful for.

Be you, be well, be maintained.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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