Monday, April 11, 2016

Social Self-Defense

Social Self-Defense Team

The self is social; it is a product of everything and everyone it ever comes in contact with. So what would happen if you were more deliberate in your interactions and contacts?

How would intentional exposure to books, music, lessons, ideas and people shape and manifest in the self?

This is a question I’ve been pondering since I made the trek to Plains, Georgia to attend Sunday school with President Jimmy Carter.

People had come from all over the world to hear and learn from a man who had deliberately chosen to go back to his boyhood home to ponder and develop a path towards dignity and peace for all.

This great man of great character is living a legacy of intentional practices for his own life. Those practices are having an impact all over the world.

While on our sojourn, my friends Bryn and Tim Grant and I discussed the idea of the self. Tim, a brilliant builder and contractor commented on the billions of dollars spent on home security systems, while very little attention was ever given to the security of the self.

Almost simultaneously, my friend, business developer and marketer, Bryn and I turned to one another and said “Wow.” It was one of those long drawn out “wows,” we often make when an idea provokes us to think outside of our rather unique mental boxes.

We spent the rest of the day outlining a security system for the self.

 I’d love to go into all of the details, but as with any security system, some aspects are off limits. I will however, disclose the basic information for protecting your most prized possession; your own self.

The security system works like most do. There are perimeters that one must breech to get to those 21 grams of you. (In 1901, Dr. Duncan McDougal was among the first to measure the weight of a body before and after death, finding the difference to be 21 grams.)

The six rings of protection provide or deny access to your personality, soul; psyche. These rings of protection enable you to deliberately determine who and what can get to you; both literally and figuratively.

As you protect your self, you can develop it in a manner that aligns with your dreams, goals and aspiration.

While self-reflection is good and always necessary, being self-aware is not enough because the self is social and a product of everything and everyone you ever come in contact with.

Knowing who you are is the beginning of truly living. Learning the “who” and “how” to live with others is the world’s absolute best security system for living your best you.

Stay tuned for more…
Be you, be well, be aware.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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