Friday, March 1, 2013

Fighting Fear with True Faith

Get up, get ready, get grateful

Overcoming Fear with True Faith

Okay, I’m excited to share so I’m going to jump right in.

Fear and insecurities go hand in hand. In fact, we fear that which we are insecure about.
Our anxieties usually stem from an early event or series of events that resulted in harm, failure, abuse and neglect.

As life goes on we either avoid or conquer this fear. Most often, we stand on the fringe of life even when our fear outweighs the real situation.

The number one fear for most folks is speaking in public; number 2 is death by dismemberment. WOW!

I speak publicly on a regular basis and I am not unlike anyone else; I am still nervous and somewhat afraid.

I calm my fear by what I know and what I believe; I know that the audience is as nervous about a presentation as I am about giving it. I also know that they are not hoping for my failure; they are hoping for my success, for something that will not put them to sleep. They are looking to learn or hear something new.

But this knowing is not enough. I can always imagine that someone is hoping that I fall on the stage so they can take a picture and put it on the internet. (You see my fear and imagination can do amazing things.)

I allow my faith to get me through; my faith in action takes the form of gratitude. I give thanks for what I will do and what I want to accomplish. I give thanks for the day, the audience and the outcome.

I give thanks to myself for years of study, discipline and training and I give thanks to the audience for showing up.

Of course I am grateful to God, but so is the rapper who gives thanks before getting his M-F-ing award. Our praise is often hollow; done for show.

We must do as the leper did when Jesus healed 10 but only 1 returned. That one said thank-you and to this Jesus said “Your faith has made you whole.”

What faith? The faith displayed in the form of gratitude.

Give thanks for what you desire because what we give energy to will only expand.

Be you, be faithful be fearless, be grateful.
                                                                       Bertice Berry, PhD.
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