Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being Happy or Being Right

Being Happy or Being Right

Our ego needs to be right, but our soul longs to be happy. So why do we strive to best others with our right-ness?
True happiness enables you to let go of the constant need to be right enabling you to allow others to teach you.

A few nights ago when I landed from a long flight, I went looking for the driver who had been scheduled to pick me up; none was there.

I had been traveling all day and still had an hour long drive to go. I was tired and just wanted to be in the bed of a strange hotel. I quickly became frustrated and a little angry. The anger spiraled into an indictment of the folks who were hosting me.

I stood looking around and stared at my schedule hoping that a phone number would manifest, but none did, so I began to get nervous. Suddenly out of nowhere, something told me too breathe and smile and so I did.
When I did, the woman who ran the information desk came up and asked if I needed any help. I told her what was happening and she began to tell me how drivers usually stand and wait with a sign. I was about to become frustrated again; I had been picked up by a driver before and knew how the whole driver-thing worked.

I smiled and just let her know what she knew and when I did the woman suddenly became my heroine. She appeared to be much older than me, but she ran outside with a gate and speed that made her suddenly look like a youngster. She walked up and down until she found a driver from the company my host had hired and had him call to confirm my ride.
There had been a mistake. The company had scheduled my pickup for the following night, but the driver was prepared to take me on my journey.

The driver told me that my people were the ones in error and I smiled and said "Thank-you." When I did, he called in to make sure that I had a pick-up to go back to the airport. I didn’t but he assured me that it would be handled.
When I got to the hotel, I was told that I didn’t have a room. I just smiled and said, “That may be, but could you check again.” The woman did and found my room.

I was amazed by the response of folks when I simply allowed them to be right. More importantly, I was amazed by the response when I let go of my need to be.
Today, look for opportunities to let go of your ego. Enable those around you to know what they know and do what they do.

I know, you have to stay on top of things, but maybe, just maybe, you can be involved without trying to control the whims and will of others.
Seek happiness and joy rather than rightness and authority. I believe that you can have both, but one will bring the other and one will bring frustration.

I could tell you which is which, but, I’ll be happy and let you be right.

Be you, be happy, be whole.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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