Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61 of Your year to Wellness; Super Abilities

My superhuman ability; to attract wonderful people
Super You

Before I even begin today’s treat of a lesson, I’d like to welcome all of the new members and followers of this blog. If I were more techno savvy, I’d have done it long before now. I’m sure there is a way to go in to greet each follower, but I haven’t learned how and technology is not my superpower.

This Year to Wellness blog is all about transformation and becoming the highest version of you. When you feedin your spirit, mind and body the things you truly need, you will  have less desire for the things that weigh you down; in spirit, mind and body.

Yesterday, before I left Memphis and a day of meeting beautiful hard working people I was chatting with some new friends on my way out. In the group was a guy who was somewhat shy but laughed easily. One woman commented that he was a ball of fun until you went to a banquet with him.

“He has the curse.” They told me. I looked at this happy guy and wondered what kind of curse he could possibly have and then I wondered why I believed in curses.

Everyone was laughing and then someone explained that whenever they sat with him at a banquet they noticed that the same thing would always happen. By the time the servers got to their table, the banquet hall  would run out of food. I was told that this happened all of the time everywhere they went. The man stood there laughing and smiling along with everyone else and then he shyly said, “Yes, it’s a curse.”

I started wondering what my “curse” could be and then just as I was about to say it, Katie the woman I’d met when I first got to Memphis said the exact yet random thing that I believed to be mine alone.

“Whenever I go to hear live music, “Katie said, the band stops playing as soon as I get there.”

I was stunned; this was the same thing that had been happening to me for years. As soon as I’d get in to hear a live jazz band or to go dancing I’d hear, “Right about now, we’re going to pause for the cause.”

As we said our goodbyes, Katie and I laughed and thought that this connection had to mean something.
As I rode to the airport I gave the whole "curse" thing more thought.
If we have a super-curse, a kryptonite, a weakness, what is the superpower? As I moved through the airport, I remembered. I can go into a place where no one is around and suddenly people come in  filling the once empty space with laughter and joy. If I sit on the floor with my face to a wall, people will walk over and start talking.

I used to think that this was the “curse,” because I’d be reading or just thinking to myself and then someone would come up and join me.

I think we all have these random hidden abilities. Yesterday, I began to think even more about this and it dawned on me that my abilities to stop the music and to draw people were connected. I can stop a party and start one. Wow!

Today, I’d like you to simply have fun with this. What random act of superhuman ability do you possess?

Don’t take this too seriously or join for a cult. But if you are looking for one, I know a great group of folks who can sell you a home in Memphis; a place filled with culture, love and super-humans.

When you find your strength and your weakness see the connection and recognize your own truths.

Wellness begins when you begin to know yourself.

Be well, be you, be known.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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