Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 64 of Your Year to Wellness; The Winner

…and The Local Nobel Peace Prize Goes To

I have a brother who is an amazing gift to the planet. He works with seniors and when he’s not working he’s running errands like doing lawn maintenance, painting rooms and even doing grocery shopping for seniors and anyone else who is in need of his help. Ty collects old clothes from friends to give out to homeless men and if that’s not enough, he mentors and teaches martial arts.

His lifestyle of giving got me to thinking; what if the Nobel Peace Prize committee gave an award to an everyday person for doing everyday acts of random kindness?

Today, I’d like you to look at your own life through the window of this question; if you won the local Nobel Prize what would it be for?

Imagine that the prize comes with a million dollars; now imagine what you’d do with it.

Each year the recipient gets to nominate someone for the next year’s prize. Who would you nominate? Call or write to that person and tell them.

Note: I love you but it can’t be me.

Congratulations on your prize. Have an amazing day.
Be you, be well, be the winner.
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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