Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60 of Your Year to Wellness; The Question of Truth

The Answer

I must be doing something right. This morning I sat in front of my computer screen unable to write. I’m in a beautiful hotel in Memphis but the desk chair in my room won’t adjust and I’m having a hard time reaching the keyboard. The food choices are slim (hard to eat vegetarian without a car in downtown Memphis ) and I woke up to back pain from trying to write in bed.

I sat here complaining to myself and wondering what to write then I decided to be grateful and when I took a short moment to do so an amazing thing happened.

l felt led to open an email that I hadn’t gotten to yesterday and there was my answer. My beautiful sister/friend Gina wrote to say that she was just 15 minutes from the school shooting in Ohio. She wrote about being reminded of the fact that happiness has zero to do with social status and of her grandmother’s ability to be blissfully happy when all around her was not and then she asked a powerful question:

“My question for a future blog post…what is the balance between choosing rose colored glasses vs. seeing the truth and choosing compassion -- even if the truth is ugly??”

I am always amazed by how the Universe works, because I had been asking myself the same question the night before when I found out that a place that has the world’s best veggie burger was here in town but miles away. I thought about it as I meditated over my audience here; realtors who have to keep doing their best even when the housing market is in the dumps. And I thought about it when I reflected on world hunger and homelessness---I think you know where I’m going.

To answer Gina’s question let me say this; Truth is never ugly.

Truth is balance; it is the big picture of life that tells us that nothing is all good nor is it all bad. Truth looks down the road and sees that everything is temporary and that this too shall pass.

There is always more than we can see and I think those of us who can see must do so for those who cannot.

In David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force, he points out that only 15% of the population vibrates on a level that is high enough to produce change. But he also points out that this is all that is needed to make the change happen.

Gina, each time we see joy when others see pain, we are bringing them closer to the Truth. When we choose to pray and be still while others are screaming, we are living Truth and when we see through rose colored glasses we are able to see how vibrant and alive things really are.

Yesterday when I got in, I took a picture of the pyramid. Katie, the lively and intelligent woman who drove me from the airport looked at it and said that she wished we’d had better weather. I asked her to look at it again and she smiled. She was seeing the shapes of the clouds and the things that could not have been seen on a sunny day. She was looking through my rose colored glasses.

“Wow,” she said, “That is beautiful.”

As I sit here, I notice that my chair still doesn’t adjust, I can’t get a salad for breakfast and there is still hunger and homelessness in the world but I am smiling and without pain because I see the connectedness of life; that my question of what to write was answered when Gina asked her question about Truth. I can see that with each smile each laugh, each moment of sharing, each act of kindness we are bringing much needed balance to the world.

Put on the rose colored glasses and see things the way they truly are.
Be you, be well, be Truth
Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. Just had to say "you are exceptional" and so enjoyed you this morning at our MAAR program!! Fuel for the Soul!!!

  2. OMGoodness! What an amazing speaker!!! Dr. Bertice Berry, you are probably one of the BEST speakers I've EVER, experience, felt, and heard!!!! Totally unexplainable!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I sat behind you and we had a chance to converse before your presentation. Totally uplifting!

  3. I was also one in your audience this morning. I complained all the way there about the early hour...but smiled all day after listening to you. Thank you. You are wise and spiritual...and I am a new follower!