Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53 of Your Year to Wellness; e=mc2

Our Collective Purpose:
I think I know why we are here; not individually, your individual purpose is up to you and is for you alone. I have figured out our collective purpose. Well, Einstein got there first. His mass energy equivalence is the only mathematical equation that I apply to the random nature of human kind. Yes, we all have our patterns and at times we are extremely predictable, locked in our cultures and lazy about our own evolution. Still, there is enough variety, ignorance and spice in life to keep us just outside the realm of robotic.
All I’m left with is e=mc2; our purpose and calling; to be the speed of light times its self, blowing on what matters for someone else so that matter becomes energy. In other words, it is our collective purpose to transform the matters of life into the energy of our existence.
The idea is simple and beautiful (symmetrical.)
Today, look at your life through this lens:
·         Are you shining a light or not? (Sorry there is no in between.)
·         Do the foods you eat add energy or do they diminish it? (You know what makes you sleepy or drunk?)
·         Do your actions help someone see their potential, or do they stop them in their tracks?
E=mc2------Be the speed of light times itself blowing on the matters and cares of others enabling them to become the energy we all need.
When you walk with purpose, you collide with Destiny
Be you, Be well, Be the Light
Bertice Berry, PhD.

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  1. A simple equation with such profound meaning has nested the enegy to make a difference to myself and so many.

    Thank you