Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 49 of Your Year to Wellness; Making The Right Choice

 Making the Right Choice

We are all plagued from time to time as to whether or not we have made the right choice. But as the writer M.T Anderson wrote, “Hindsight is cheap.”

It’s easy to look back and think I should have done this, or I should have done that but what if we could see the outcome of our choices before we make them enabling us to do the right thing for now?

This week, I had a big choice to make. The Year to Wellness and other Weight Loss Secrets was nominated for an NAACP Image Award and as you may know the ceremony was last night in Los Angeles. I dreamt of going and being in the midst of all that beauty and talent.

Nothing was going to come between me and my seat with the other nominees.

Life is beautiful and round and wonderful and every now and then, we get to see it come full circle. I was asked to see if I’d be a match for a friend of a friend in need of a kidney transplant. Long story short, I’m donating a kidney and will be doing the big physical before the surgery.

I learned from my friend Jerry and another friend Ann, both kidney donors that the more fit you are, the better the recovery. So I decided to start cleansing and preparing for the surgery.

Life gave me a beautiful choice; I could go and hobnob as I wanted to or make preparations for the kidney donation as I wanted and needed to do.

Now, before you get to thinking that I’m some kind of saint please understand that I was cussing and fussing the entire time. What made my choice so easy and wonderful were several things:

·         My sisters Christine and Jeanine were as happy about me going as they were about me not going.

·         I have wonderful folks who support, inform and encourage me.

·         My mother gave up a lot more just to go to a local NAACP  meeting and she was not wearing a gown.

·         I look good.

·         I feel better.

When you choose from Love, you always win.

Be you, be Well, be Love,

Bertice Berry, PhD.


  1. Great decision and it shows where your heart is and also recognizing sometimes its not about the moment, but about the momentum we are on and where that momentum is taking us. Warm love and added encouragement to keep this beautiful journey towards wellness going strong.

    Some people would give a kidney to go to such a great event in Los Angeles from a great organization, but a Special Person would give a kidney knowing they are giving the best & healthiest gift anyone can give, joy for themselves and the one that’s receiving the gift. A true once in a lifetime gift.

    A beautiful blog!

    Warmly, j o h n