Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 46 of Your Year To Wellness; The Way

The Way

Today’s lesson is short and simple, but I am hoping that the impact is huge.  

I‘d like you to spend the day with this exercise and use it as your guide; ask yourself if you are in the way, or showing the way.

It really is that simple. Apply the lesson to the food you eat, the things you say and even the thoughts you have. Is what I’m saying revealing a path of truth and life for me and for others or is it in the way of my wellness?

Do the things I say to my children provide encouragement or do they cause pain and confusion? Am I in the way or showing the way?

Do I help my colleagues fulfill our mission and goals for work or am I in the way of their progress?

Am I eating something that sustains my life or does it flip the switch called genetics turning on a health issue that’s plagued my family for generations?

When I talk to a loved one am I saying something that gets in the way of a loving relationship or does it shine the light on what love truly is?

As you look at your life through this lens be mindful of the following:

·         You will be amazed by the things you do and say.

·         You are in charge of your behavior. (No one can really “make” you mad or happy.)

·         The line between showing the way and in the way is rather fine.

·         You are more powerful than you know.

·         You make a difference and have an impact.

You are in control of this trip called life; choose your direction wisely.

Be well, Be you, Be The Way

Bertice Berry, PhD

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