Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 of Your Year to Wellness; On Love

Stay connected to the Source
Loving Relationships and Wellness

Nothing makes the heart beat like being in Love. In the minds of many, (mostly old boyfriends) I’m probably not the one who should be writing about love.

I got married and annulled in the same year and I had to write a Country Song.                     

The truth is I love being in love so I’ll let you in on a secret; I’m always in love. I love my life, my children and family. I love my friends because they provide a wealth of ideas and information and I’ll never get bored. My world is unique and peaceful and there is always something to explore. You already know that being in love makes everything better; the question becomes why do we fall out of love?

I don’t think we can ever truly fall out of love because Love never fails. What happens is this; we stop seeing in someone what we once saw and loved. This can be the other person’s doing but it’s always what you perceive. If you define something as real, it becomes real in your mind and when it becomes real in your mind, it’s real in its consequences.

This past week, I reread the Celestine Prophecy, twice. Now, before you roll your eyes and close this page, I have to tell you that what I got the first time was completely different than what I learned this one.

Everything was clearer but one thing truly stood out. This amplification could be due to the fact that I’m currently writing a book called Beauty Thieves. It’s all about people who take the shine and confidence of others. Well according to the Celestine Prophecy, we all do this but in a loving relationship it’s done quite a bit and it happens because the lovers disconnect from the energy source of the Universe and connect to each other. Eventually, their love becomes a power struggle for energy.

I will tell you that whenever I feel this drain, I get out of Dodge and I do so quickly. I would not have called it a drain before but I have truly experienced the feeling of a loved one who becomes jealous  or seeks to control. The moment this happens I start looking for things that I missed when I “fell” in love.

Today, I’d like you to look at yourself as it pertains to your relationships---not just with the opposite sex but with anyone you love. Keep these things in mind

·         You are on the same team

·         When the people you love win at anything in life, you do too

·         There is more than enough love. It’s the one thing that never runs out

·         When you become well and balanced everything around shines beautifully.

·         If the same thing happens over and over again in your relationships remember you are the common denominator.

Love is all there is.

The more love you have in your life, the better your life is.

Be you, be well, be Love,

Bertice Berry, PhD


  1. Wonderful post, Bertice - very wise words and some new things I have never considered. The only thing I challenge is that romantic love is with the opposite sex - that may be true for you, but not for all. Maybe you can leave that part more open to personal interpretation so as not to lose the message at that point as it did for me.

  2. OMGoodness, thank you. I know this and I know better. I can reread and edit all day and still miss the obvious thank you for pointing it out. I know my sister will thank you as I am officiating her wedding this spring to a wonderful woman. You are a gift and I appreciate you.