Monday, July 15, 2013

More than Race

More than Race

I told myself that I would not write or talk about the George Zimmerman case; this is a wellness blog.

Then when I looked more closely at the response and reactions I knew that folks were missing something and I needed to say something about it.
The laws that enable us to stand your ground have plagued me for years. When I was just a girl, my 12 year old friend was shot dead because she picked a peach from a neighbor’s fruit tree. The man did no time for the killing.

Even as a child, I wondered why the man felt the need to shoot a child over a peach. He too said that he felt threatened.
What are we so afraid of? Why are we armed to the hilt and prepared to stand our ground against a neighbor, a child, or someone because we just don’t know them?

What could you possibly possess that requires an alarm system that costs more than health or life insurance?
We are living upside down. We are prepared for a zombie apocalypse and we are the zombies.

Our fear and hatred keep us from living and loving life fully.

Stand your ground, protect your stuff and your fear of fear and you will find that you have enslaved your own self.
When you think about this case and how you feel why you feel that way, think about the prison we keep building around our stuff, our self and our being.

BE you, BE well, BE free.

Bertice Berry, PhD.

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